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Although it is relatively small today, Russia’s gold investment market has headroom to grow. Investors are positive towards gold and it has the potential to play a key role in the nation’s drive to boost financial literacy and develop private investment.

Within Russia, we conducted:


online interviews with investors from across the country.

Russian investors believe gold offers security

Gold is seen as an effective store of value. Most Russian investors believe it holds its long-term value and protects against currency and inflation fluctuations. Two thirds of them say that it evokes feelings of long-term security.

Top 5 Russian Attitudes

Gold is just like any other commodity like oil or steel
Gold will never lose its value over the long term
Gold is a good safeguard against inflation/currency fluctuations
Owning gold makes me feel secure for the long term
I trust gold more than the currencies of countries

The market has headroom for growth

Gold is not currently considered a mainstream investment among Russia. But there is a significant conversion opportunity: 57% say they would consider doing so, despite never having invested in it previously.

penetration-intent-investment-02 Russia 20% 57% 22%

Considering investing in gold
Never invested in the past

Considering investing in gold
Has invested in the past

Won't consider investing in gold

Numbers do not add to 100 due to rounding

Education is needed to address knowledge gaps

Russian investors show a clear need for more information around gold investing. Education is needed around the affordability of gold, how to buy it and the factors that drive the gold price.


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of potential investors cited a lack of education as a barrier to buying gold


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of potential investors are worried about buying fake or counterfeit gold

Gold needs to overcome trust issues

Russian investors need to feel more confident over the purity and veracity of the gold products on offer, and they need greater trust in the businesses selling them. Established, reliable vendors, and rigorous assaying standards and trading practices may help to assuage these fears.

The insights we share in this report provide the industry with the tools to help it develop, enhance and - ultimately - grow Russia’s gold investment market.

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