China is a market of active retail investors with a strong affinity to gold. And there is a sizable pool of potential new investors. Our unique insights reveal opportunities for the gold investment industry to reach this audience, grab their interest and expand the market.

Within China, we conducted:


online interviews with investors in cities across Tiers 1 to 4

Chinese investors believe in gold

Simplicity and reassurance are the top two drivers for investing in gold, underpinned by its accessibility and the belief that it offers protection against inflation. Clear messaging around these aspects of investing in gold should help to protect its favoured position in Chinese investment portfolios.

Drivers of purchase intent

All products



16%Long Term Finance





15%Long Term Finance


But there is scope for significant expansion

24% of retail investors have never invested in gold but say they would now consider doing so. To help encourage these investors, the gold industry needs to take action to address key barriers identified in our research.

China 24% 72% 4%

Considering buying gold
Never bought in the past

Considering buying gold
Has bought in the past

Won't consider buying gold

Trust is a barrier to investing in gold for

0 %

Of Chinese considerers

Building trust

Trust issues are a clear barrier to investing in gold: 44% of those who have never bought gold say they worry about buying fake or counterfeit gold, while 35% say they are put off by the purity not being guaranteed.

Educating and raising awareness

We found a gap in understanding around the availability of gold investment products, including entry price points and how gold is valued: 29% of potential investors say they don’t understand what drives the price of gold.


0 %

Of Chinese considerers do not understand what drives the gold price

The insights we share in this report provide the industry with the tools it needs to develop, enhance and - ultimately - grow China’s gold investment market

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