Chinese consumers have a passion for gold jewellery – for its beauty and lustre, as well as its financial worth. But the market faces challenges. By sharing the insights in this report, we aim to help the industry overcome these barriers and heighten the allure of gold jewellery for today’s consumers

Within China, we conducted:


online interviews with female fashion and lifestyle consumers in cities across Tiers 1-4

Gold jewellery ownership is high but has scope to grow

62% of Chinese women said they own gold jewellery, well ahead of smartphones (51%). Despite this, 30% of women say they have never bought gold jewellery, but would consider doing so in the future.

China 30% 56% 14%

Considering buying gold
Never bought in the past

Considering buying gold
Has bought in the past

Won't consider buying gold

18-24-year-old women in China are less connected with gold than those in other markets

Crucial barriers to overcome among these young women are that gold is seen as ‘too flashy’ and unsuited to their style, along with a perception that it is too difficult to buy and isn’t good value. The fact that they already feel they have enough gold jewellery is also a key watch out.

Gold jewellery is perceived to be outdated and lacking style

Chinese women often feel that it is too difficult to find gold jewellery that they like or that suits their style. Among considerers who have never bought, 90% quote reasons relating to desirability or fashion. This sentiment is particularly strong among the 18-24 year age group.


Barriers to gold
Among considerers who have never bought

I couldn't find anything I liked
It doesn't suit my style
I have enough already
The recipient has enough already
The people I buy gifts for don't like gold jewellery
It's too flashy

The detailed insights we share in our report provide the industry with the tools it needs to develop, enhance and - ultimately - grow China’s gold jewellery market

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