India has one of the largest and most well-established gold markets in the world, underpinned by the nation's rich religious and cultural association with gold. We have a huge set of data .

Within India, we conducted:


face-to-face interviews with rural investors


online interviews with urban investors

Retail gold insights: India Investment

An in-depth consumer research study, surveying over 2000 retail investors in India to understand their attitude towards gold as an investment asset. Watch the video to get a peek into these rich insights.

The appetite for gold

What consumers say

29% have never bought gold before but would consider doing so in future

29% of retail investors have never bought gold in the past but are open to the idea of buying gold in the future. So, there is a significant opportunity for the industry to seize upon and grow the market

India 29% 67% 4%

Considering buying gold
Never bought in the past

Considering buying gold
Has bought in the past

Won't consider buying gold

Trust is a barrier to investing in gold for

0 %

Of Indian considerers - compared with 48% globally


61% of those that have never bought gold in the past but would consider buying in the future say that a lack of trust in the product or industry is a barrier to purchase. We are working with the industry to address this. We recently launched the Retail Gold Investment Principles (RGIPs) and are collaborating with the industry to operationalise these so we can help build trust in the eyes of potential gold investors.

Education and awareness

Education and awareness: 65% of potential gold investors say they have gaps in their knowledge around gold; for example, they do not understand what drives the gold price or feel that the process of buying is too difficult. There is clearly scope to do more collectively as an industry to make it easier for investors to understand gold and the gold buying process.


0 %

Of Indian considerers identify lack of knowledge as a barrier

We hope these insights provide the industry with the tools it needs to develop, enhance and - ultimately - grow India's gold investment market.

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