Gold holds a revered position in India's cultural identity. We spoke to more than 2000 women to investigate their attitudes towards gold jewellery, understand their buying behaviour and identify possible risks to gold's position in the high-end fashion and lifestyle category.

Within India, we conducted:


face-to-face interviews with rural women


online interviews with urban women

Indian women are big gold jewellery buyers

Even so, 37% of the women we surveyed said they had never bought gold jewellery before, but - importantly - would consider buying it in the future. We call this group of potential buyers 'considerers'. And they represent a sizable new target audience for the gold jewellery industry.

India 37% 49% 14%

Considering buying gold
Never bought in the past

Considering buying gold
Has bought in the past

Won't consider buying gold

18-24 year old women need help to overcome barriers to buying gold jewellery

Crucial barriers to overcome are the perceptions that gold jewellery doesn't represent good value, that the purchase process is difficult, and that it is too flashy and doesn't suit their style. The fact that these younger consumers already feel they have enough gold jewellery is a key watch out.

Considerers who have never bought gold, 18-24 y.o

I can buy less expensive jewellery which looks just as good
It is too difficult to purchase
I have enough already
It's too flashy

We hope these insights provide the industry with the tools it needs to develop, enhance and - ultimately - grow India's gold jewellery market.

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